Meet Dave

Little bit about Dave

Dave Valtierra

My passion is the wide-open outdoors. I accept the challenge of doing something new for the first time, or getting more refined and better at something I’m already pretty good at.   

It was a short 12 years ago that I begin making “Shallow Water Salt Water” educational DVDs, titled, “Inshore Fishing with Super Dave”.   Shortly after, we began airing on Fox Sports Southwest TV channel.  Before long, we were “Fishing Offshore”, and it was a natural transition to add “Hunting”.   At that point “Wide Open Outdoor Adventures” was born. 

We have made an amazing DVD series, sold thousands of DVDs, and aired 111 shows on TV over the last 9 years. Streaming video on YouTube is the future of the outdoor broadcasting industry, and we are going where the technology is taking us.

I have a serious passion for the outdoors and for the environment. I am an avid hunter and fisherman, but I also enjoy scuba diving, snow skiing, and anything else that gets my adrenaline pumping.

I’m glad that you’ve found us! The new Wide Open Sportsman YouTube Channel will make you a better outdoorsman.   

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